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Malaysia Ipoh White Coffee Manufacturer

Welcome to Coffee Malaysia! We are the manufacturer and exporter of Malaysia style Ipoh White Coffee. We are manufacturing and exporting high quality Ipoh White Coffee, Instant white coffee, 3 in 1 white coffee, and other coffee related products to every part of the world. Our coffee origins are from Ipoh (An old town), Malaysia. People know it as "IPOH WHITE COFFEE".

What is IPOH WHITE COFFEE? "IPOH WHITE COFFEE is traditional style white coffee of Malaysia (traditional taste). WHITE COFFEE is first created from a small old town of Malaysia, called IPOH, so Malaysian call it as IPOH WHITE COFFEE. The taste is good and different than other coffee from other countries. IPOH WHITE COFFEE is considered as a local specialty goods. Many foreigner or traveler will buy some when they visit Malaysia. (Difference between WHITE COFFEE and COFFEE MIXED)

Ipoh White Coffee

ipoh white coffee

What is White Coffee?

If you are not originated from Malaysia, the possibility is that you have never heard of White coffees. Common questions thrown to fellow Malaysians would be "are they caffeinated?", "Do they even taste like coffee?" and "What's the difference between normal coffee beans with white coffee beans?" Now let's dwell into the world of White Coffee
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Health Benefits of Coffee Drinking

Researches show that in cases often that coffee promotes health improvements. Evidences could only delight coffee avid more when the medical community finally speaks for the advantages of coffee drinking. To keep things concise without having to pull statistics which we cannot comprehend, here are 10 reasons to why drink coffee and consider some misconceptions that have been floating around this wonderful drink.
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